Announcement for 2023 Sea Turtle Grants Committee Meeting

The 2023 meeting of the Sea Turtle Grants Committee will take place Thursday, April 6, starting at 9:30 AM. The meeting will be held via Zoom with a phone call-in number for members of the public to attend the meeting. Preference is for the public wishing to join the meeting do so by phone, not by video.

Phone Dial-In Instructions for the Meeting are as follows:

Dial: 1-305 224 1968
Meeting ID: 843 2575 4121
Passcode: 469325

During the meeting, Committee members will rank and vote on eligible grant proposals that have requested funding from the Sea Turtle Grants Program for the 2023-2024 grant cycle. Forty-eight applications were submitted requesting over $996,000 in funds. Approximately $525,000 in funding is available for grants in this funding cycle.

Members of the public will have an opportunity to briefly address (max of 3 minutes) the Committee at the start of the meeting, before deliberations begin on the grant proposals under consideration. The public will not be permitted to directly participate in the deliberations of the Grants Committee once the evaluation and ranking process has begun. Each grant applicant should anticipate that their written grant proposal must stand on its own merits.

Read the full set of Sea Turtle Grants Committee Open Meeting and Public Comment Policies under FAQ: Are Committee Meetings Open to the Public?

Please contact Dan Evans at with any questions about the meeting.