Below are reporting forms and information for recipients of a Florida Sea Turtle Grant available as MS Word or PDF files. Any questions about required forms or acknowledgment of the STGP can be emailed to

Promotional Materials:
To get the word out about your project, the grants program and the sea turtle specialty license plate, STC has put together some suggestions to help you get started. Check out 7 Easy Ideas for Promoting the Sea Turtle Grants Program, Sample Press Release, and Media Coverage Examples (PDF).

Programmatic Report (use for 6 Month & Final):

STGP Programmatic Report Form (MS Doc)
STGP Programmatic Report Form (PDF)

Financial Report – Attachment D (use for 6 Month & Final):

STGP Financial Report Form (MS Doc)
STGP Financial Report Form (PDF)

Certificate of Completion – Attachment F (Submitted with Final Report Only):

STGP Certificate of Completion Form (MS Doc)
STGP Certificate of Completion Form (PDF)

Required Funding Acknowledgment:

Language and Graphics Acknowledging the Sea Turtle Grants Program Funding

Audit Reporting Information:

Requirements of the Federal and Florida Single Audit Act (PDF)