As the organization responsible for marketing the Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate, the nonprofit Sea Turtle Conservancy (formally known as Caribbean Conservation Corporation) has teamed up with the organizations and state agencies affiliated with all the other conservation-themed specialty plates to raise awareness about how these plates are making a difference for Florida’s wildlife and habitats.

Our first initiative was to recruit nationally-renowned animal expert Jack Hanna to serve as spokesman for all of Florida’s conservation license plates. Hanna announced his endorsement of the Sea Turtle License Plate and the other conservation tags at the 2009 Florida Tax Collector’s Conference. In his presentation to tax collectors (the people who run the offices where specialty plates are sold), Hanna explained the importance of protecting Florida’s unique ecosystems and the animals that depend on them for survival. Jack Hanna singled out the “Helping Sea Turtles Survive” plate when he showed a video of his recent trip to Marathon Turtle Hospital, where he helped release a rehabilitated loggerhead turtle.

In his role as spokesperson, Jack Hanna filmed a public service announcement encouraging all Floridians to purchase one of the state’s conservation specialty plates. The PSA, below, will started airing on cable channels in spring 2010.