Grant: 16-002C
Project Title: Less-Than-Fee Beachfront Acquisition Strategies to Protect and Enhance Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat
Organization: Alachua Conservation Trust, Inc. (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Tom Kay
Funding Approved: $18,000.00
Completion Date: 2017-11-08
Summary Page

Grant: 16-003C
Project Title: Reclaim Our Coasts Program: Increasing the Quantity and Quality of Florida's Beaches for Sea Turtles
Organization: University of Florida - Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Dr. Karen A. Bjorndal
Funding Approved: $10,000.00
Completion Date: 2017-11-29
Summary Page

Grant: 16-005E
Project Title: Sea Turtle Law and Policy Course at Stetson University College of Law
Organization: Stetson University College of Law (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Royal Gardner
Funding Approved: $15,979.08
Completion Date: 2016-12-14
Summary Page

Grant: 16-008E
Project Title: Educational Exhibits for Sea Turtle Discovery Room at Whitney’s Sea Turtle Hospital
Organization: University of Florida - Whitney Laboratory (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Catherine Eastman
Funding Approved: $15,000.00
Completion Date: 2017-05-18
Summary Page

Grant: 16-010R
Project Title: An Assessment of the Distribution of Large Immature and Adult Green Turtles Along Hawk Channel in the Florida Keys
Organization: Inwater Research Group (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Dean Bagley
Funding Approved: $22,084.00
Completion Date: 2020-11-09
Summary Page

Grant: 16-013E
Project Title: Sea Turtles and Us: Our Past, Present, and Future Together
Organization: Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Melissa Kendrick
Funding Approved: $18,500.00
Completion Date: 2022-05-05
Summary Page

Grant: 16-014E
Project Title: Carpenter House Marine Environmental Education Center Lighting Display
Organization: Nova Southeastern University (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Dr. Derek Burkholder
Funding Approved: $12,500.00
Completion Date: 2020-01-03
Summary Page

Grant: 16-015E
Project Title: Traveling Turtles: A Statewide Traveling Trunk Program
Organization: Inwater Research Group (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Rebecca Mott
Funding Approved: $7,924.87
Completion Date: 2018-01-17
Summary Page

Grant: 16-017R
Project Title: Sex determination for Immature Kemp’s Ridley Turtle in the Ten Thousand Islands
Organization: Conservancy of Southwest Florida (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Dr. Jeff Schmid
Funding Approved: $22,035.00
Completion Date: 2019-07-15
Summary Page

Grant: 16-019E
Project Title: Promotion of sea turtle conservation in Walton County, Florida through the production and distribution of education materials and the presentation of educational activities/programs
Organization: Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Beth Coppedge
Funding Approved: $9,200.00
Completion Date: 2018-04-17
Summary Page

Grant: 16-021C
Project Title: Purchase of an endoscope, the necessary attachments, and computer for Mote Marine Laboratory’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital
Organization: Mote Marine Laboratory (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Gretchen Lovewell
Funding Approved: $14,309.00
Completion Date: 2018-02-12
Summary Page

Grant: 16-022E
Project Title: “Sea Turtles”, an animated film; promoting sea turtle conservation through visual arts and scientific experience.
Organization: University of Central Florida - CREATE (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Tracey Morrison
Funding Approved: $6,300.00
Completion Date: 2018-12-13
Summary Page

Grant: 16-024E
Project Title: Archie Carr Refuge Education and Conservation Program
Organization: Sea Turtle Conservancy (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Donna Lee Crawford
Funding Approved: $15,931.00
Completion Date: 2017-06-06
Summary Page

Grant: 16-027E
Project Title: SFM Sea Turtle Conservation Exhibit
Organization: South Florida Museum (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Ashley Berridge
Funding Approved: $5,000.00
Completion Date: 2019-03-05
Summary Page

Grant: 16-029C
Project Title: Clearwater Marine Aquarium Sea Turtle Anesthesia and Sterilizer Equipment
Organization: Clearwater Marine Aquarium (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Adrienne Cardwell
Funding Approved: $10,000.00
Completion Date: 2017-06-19
Summary Page

Grant: 16-030C
Project Title: ATV for Sanibel Island sea turtle surveys
Organization: Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Kelly Sloan
Funding Approved: $7,150.00
Completion Date: 2017-05-05
Summary Page

Grant: 16-032C
Project Title: Sea Turtle Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipment
Organization: Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Heather Barron
Funding Approved: $13,513.17
Completion Date: 2017-07-12
Summary Page

Grant: 16-034R
Project Title: Assessing the effects of the recreational bay scallop fishery on marine turtles in the Big Bend of Florida
Organization: Florida State University (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Dr. Mariana Fuentes & Christian Gredzens
Funding Approved: $24,887.10
Completion Date: 2017-09-20
Summary Page

Grant: 16-035R
Project Title: Breeding sex ratios of three imperiled marine turtles nesting in southern FL
Organization: Florida Atlantic University (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Dr. Jeanette Wyneken & Jacob Lasala
Funding Approved: $9,408.00
Completion Date: 2019-12-05
Summary Page

Grant: 16-036R
Project Title: Diet characterization of green, loggerhead, and Kemp’s ridley turtles in Florida
Organization: University of Central Florida (Research and Educational Institute)
Project Manager: Dr. Erin Seney
Funding Approved: $6,291.00
Completion Date: 2018-07-18
Summary Page

Grant: 16-040R
Project Title: Leatherback Sea Turtle Research in Southeast Florida
Organization: Florida Leatherbacks Inc. (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Kelly Martin
Funding Approved: $12,405.00
Completion Date: 2018-04-09
Summary Page

Grant: 16-041C
Project Title: Surgical CO2 Laser for FP Tumor Removal
Organization: Hidden Harbor Marine Environmental Project (The Turtle Hospital) (Non-Profit Organization)
Project Manager: Bette Zirkelbach
Funding Approved: $16,479.50
Completion Date: 2017-03-14
Summary Page

Grant: 16-042E
Project Title: Providing Sea Turtle Educational Experiences for Students in Coastal, Low-Income Schools
Organization: Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program (Florida Government)
Project Manager: Joy Winet
Funding Approved: $16,753.00
Completion Date: 2017-11-08
Summary Page