Grant: 17-021C
Project Title: Scientific-Grade Deep Freezer for Blood Plasma and Research Samples
Project Manager: Bette Zirkelbach
Organization: Hidden Harbor Marine Environmental Project (The Turtle Hospital) (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $8,714.55
Completion Date: 2019-07-15

Summary: The Turtle Hospital is requesting a new large scientific-grade deep freezer to replace an aging unit currently at the hospital. The freezer will be used primarily for sample storage and blood plasma banking. Blood plasma is used to treat sea turtles in rehabilitation. When biological samples are taken they must be stored in a minus 80 degree freezer for long-term storage. Having access to preserved samples gives the Turtle Hospital and their research partners the ability to conduct long-term follow-up investigations on previous research and conduct new research. The Turtle Hospital plans to use the new freezer to continue to support Sea Turtle Scientists on their research projects. The Turtle Hospital has and continues to provide samples and collaborate with top research scientists helping sea turtles survive. Currently the Turtle Hospital houses, maintains and has the use of a deep freezer provided by NOAA. This freezer was purchased in October 2006 and has had a number of repairs in recent years. A new, reliable deep freezer will assure seamless preservation and support of medical and research samples.

Results: The Turtle Hospital purchased a mew large scientific grade deep freezer. Once the freezer became operational, the Turtle Hospital has been preserving and providing samples to support sea turtle researchers and our research patients. The Turtle Hospital continues to preserve samples and blood plasma for ongoing research.