Grant: 08-017E
Project Title: The Turtle Hospital Educational Materials
Project Manager: Richie Moretti
Organization: Hidden Harbor Marine Environmental Project (The Turtle Hospital) (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $5,552.00
Completion Date: 2009-06-25

Summary: An important facet of The Turtle Hospital's work is the educational program. The Hospital conducts three tours per day for up to 30 people per tour, seven days a week, and plans to increase the number of tours per day during the heavy tourist season. The Turtle Hospital utilizes a PowerPoint presentation, brochures, and specimens to help in educating the general public and local school children regarding sea turtles, their plights, and the work The Turtle Hospital does to help the sea turtles. Turtle Hospital will print more brochures with updated pictures, add a life-size fiberglass leatherback shell to our specimens, and add educational bumper stickers to our educational materials. In addition, The Turtle Hospital will produce a life-size Sea Turtle Stand-up Display to demonstrate the size and pattern differences between the various species.

Results: The Turtle Hospital ordered, received, and distributed 10,000 educational brochures within the project timeline. These brochures are distributed to visitors to the Turtle Hospital, as well as hotels, restaurants, welcome centers and gas stations throughout the Keys. The brochures are also passed out at all public outreach events including festivals, schools, and public events in the Keys. The Turtle Hospital ordered and received 3000 vinyl bumper stickers. The stickers are a high quality, UV resistant sticker that is distributed to Turtle Hospital guests free of charge. A life-size mural was painted on masonite by Margaret Hodge of the five species of sea turtle found throughout Florida. This mural is placed on the side of the Turtle Hospital Education Center as a tool to educate the public the size of Florida's sea turtles. A life size Leatherback carapace was ordered, received and placed on display in the Turtle Hospital Education Center. This fiberglass replica is displayed next to the shells of the other four species of sea turtle found throughout Florida. Visitors to the Turtle Hospital Education Center are immediately impressed by the massive carapace when they enter the center. (Author: Richie Moretti)