Grant: 07-023E
Project Title: Barrier Island Center Community Stewardship and Education Program
Project Manager: Daniel Evans
Organization: Caribbean Conservation Corporation (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $27,300.00
Completion Date: 2008-10-01

Summary: Barrier Island Center Community Stewardship and Education Program will involve the recruitment and training of a core group of local volunteer educators to directly promote and generate community stewardship over the Archie Carr Refuge in a way that has “neighbors teaching neighbors” about the area's priceless and fragile wildlife and the coastal habitats upon which they depend. This project will involve the development of educational programs and the establishment of a trained network of volunteers who will then help deliver the education programs at the Barrier Island Center.

Results: All tasks for Barrier Island Center Community Stewardship and Education Program were completed. Due to the sea turtle walks that were lead by CCC going through July, CCC requested an extension to be able to include information from all the sea turtle watches and other presentations given as part of this program. CCC did not spend project funds to produce the small amount of educational materials required to complete the project. These unspent funds were used in support of CCC staff, who dedicated more time than originally anticipated toward the project. While the success rate of observing a nesting sea turtle was slightly lower than last year, the overall response from the summer sea turtle watch participants was enthusiastic and positive. Many people commented on how nice the new Barrier Island Center was as the location for the sea turtle watch presentation. Leslie Sprague (formally Figg) did a great job working with the Brevard County staff to develop many outreach programs and helped coordinate volunteers to help during events and the sea turtle watches. (Author: Daniel Evans)