Grant: 07-002C
Project Title: Renovation of Fibropapilloma Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility
Project Manager: Tammy Langer
Organization: Clearwater Marine Aquarium (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $18,000.00
Completion Date: 2008-01-31

Summary: The proposed renovation of the Fibropapilloma Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility at Clearwater Marine Aquarium will incorporate 1) new tubs and filtration systems, 2) floor decking, and 3) structural renovations of our facility including new ceiling supports sturdy enough to sustain scales. Currently, our FP facility includes three 300 gallon and two 400 gallon tubs and accommodates eight turtles. CMA will not turn away any FP turtle that is in need of care. The renovated facility will allow a larger quantity of FP turtles to rehabilitate at CMA and will provide a higher quality of care for these turtles. Although it has been a cramped space, CMA successfully accommodates any turtle in need of care. However, as our reputation of successfully rehabilitating and releasing FP turtles expands, we are in need of new equipment and space to adapt to these and future demands.

Results: Per CMA 's 6-month report, upgrades and installation of equipment to the FP area have been completed. Temperature adjustments have been modified via the installation of a chiller unit and ventilation fans. The FP area has been completed and is currently operational. CMA has purchased and installed 3 new tubs, 4 filtration and chlorination systems, and electrical upgrades to the FP area to support life support systems have all been completed, tested and are currently operational. To date, all enhancements to CMA 's FP Area have been completed and tested. The FP Area has been professionally inspected and is fully operational. Depending on turtle size, the tubs can accommodate up to 6 turtles each. CMA is currently treating 7 FP turtles in the newly remodeled unit and expects to continue its successful program in the treatment and release of fibropapilloma sea turtles. (Author: Tammy Langer)