Grant: 04-008C
Project Title: Purchase of Equipment & Supplies for Singe Island Conservation Efforts
Project Manager: Debra Sobel
Organization: Sea Turtle Conservation League of Singer Island (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $1,900.00
Completion Date: 2005-05-03

Summary: This project is simple and straightforward: to purchase equipment and supplies that will assist us in performing the duties with which we have been entrusted, to wit, permit-related nesting beach surveys and excavations for nesting success evaluations, ongoing conservation efforts to reduce beach obstructions and disorienting artificial light, and ongoing education efforts.

Results: Two digital cameras, Olympus Stylus 300, were purchased to document beach obstructions and begin developing a digital photo library for use in our educational efforts. Since the cost of the cameras was less than original estimated, the remaining funds were used to purchase a Picturemate color photo processor. Were purchased waterproof notebooks and produced enlarged and laminated digital photos for use as education displays. (Author: Debra Sobel)