Grant: 04-003E
Project Title: STPS Education and Turtle Watch Equipment
Project Manager: Nancy Yates
Organization: Sea Turtle Preservation Society (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $3,376.00
Completion Date: 2008-04-18

Summary: The Sea Turtle Preservation Society seeks to improve the quality of its turtle watch presentations and other educational presentations. The requested equipment will enhance the quality of the events. The printed material, storyboard, and nest replica will enhance the many classroom presentations that STPS will conduct in the upcoming year. The LCD monitor will improve our interpretive display within the STPS office.

Results: The funds from this award were used to purchase a travelling nest replica, a small sea turtle replica, two tripod projector screens, a wireless microphone system, and a flat TV/video monitor for the Sea Turtle Preservation Society office. The total of these purchases was $1652.98. Sea turtle activity books were not finished, and the money awarded for their purchase has been returned. The administration of this grant was delayed for approximately 1 year due to the damage sustained by the 2004 Florida hurricane season. The STPS office was heavily damaged (roof collapsed) and was closed for almost a full year. During this time, operations were conducted out of private homes and a storage unit. (Author: Nancy Yates)