Grant: 18-032E
Project Title: Turtle Translations: Conservation Awareness in a Diverse Community
Project Manager: Teal Kawana
Organization: The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade (Florida Government)
Grant Amount: $4,116.66
Completion Date:

Summary: The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade, Inc. (PFMD) in partnership with the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department (MDPROS) and its Miami-Dade County Sea Turtle Conservation Program (MDSTCP) will conduct the project to translate sea turtle conservation messaging into Spanish, Creole, French, Portuguese and Russian. The project objective is to broaden the outreach of sea turtle conservation awareness in the Miami-Dade community by translating educational materials and creating cautionary messaging for sea turtle nests to communicate with non-English speakers. Cautionary signage with the five translations of common languages found in Miami-Dade County will be created and posted on all sea turtle nests on beaches managed by MDSTCP staff. MDSTCP staff will additionally have a supply of translated brochures with them during nesting surveys, outreach events, and educational presentations. The project is expected to decrease the amount of nesting stake vandalisms and enhance access of sea turtle educational materials to people of diverse backgrounds.