Grant: 18-012E
Project Title: InterACT with Sea Turtles Distance Learning Program
Project Manager: Daniel Evans
Organization: Sea Turtle Conservancy (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $9,700.00
Completion Date:

Summary: Sea Turtle Conservancy is upgrading and expanding its successful distance-learning program that brings sea turtle education to life for thousands of school kids around Florida through virtual field trips. The InterACT with Sea Turtles Distance Learning Program uses an interactive, multimedia approach to sea turtle education using a virtual collaboration system to directly engage students in the classroom. The goal of InterACT is to create an informed, proactive youth that will support sea turtle conservation and become environmental stewards. This program provides educators with free, easy-to-use online resources, access to experts and comprehensive lessons plans that make sea turtle education fun, informative and engaging for students. STC will update current interactive curriculum, purchase necessary hardware, conduct free virtual presentations, create visually-appealing content, and produce new Florida-specific curriculum and activities for teachers. InterACT will make sea turtle education accessible to educators and remove geographic barriers, allowing STC to reach a wider audience and expose more students than ever to sea turtle and marine education, with the ultimate goal of fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment.