Grant: 14-001R
Project Title: Adult green turtles (Chelonia mydas) of the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge 2014
Project Manager: Dean Bagley
Organization: University of Central Florida (Research and Educational Institute)
Grant Amount: $24,422.00
Completion Date:

Summary: The project will satellite track four adult green turtles (two males and two females) from the Carr Refuge in 2014 and conduct studies specific to each gender. Both males and females will be sampled for genetics, and stable isotope analysis. To infer post-nesting migration destinations, isotopic signatures of satellite turtles will be compared to signatures from an additional 50 nesting females as part of a separate study. We will follow the satellite-tracked females to determine clutch frequency, site fidelity, internesting location and foraging grounds. We will attempt to encounter each female each time she nests and mark those nests for assessment of reproductive success. Satellite data will show how long each sex remains at the beach, the migratory routes used and final destinations at their respective foraging grounds. Areas of special use at the nesting beach will be identified for each sex, and kernel home range estimates will be generated when they return to foraging areas.