Grant: 03-E07E
Project Title: Promotion of sea turtle conservation in Bay county through production and distribution of educational materials and television announcements
Project Manager: Nancy Evou
Organization: St. Andrew Bay Resource Management Association, Inc (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $11,455.00
Completion Date: 2004-08-17

Summary: The educational program will produce and distribute the following print materials in Bay County: (1) Do Not Disturb door hanger and table tent for distribution to beachfront motels and condominiums, (2) sea turtle activity book for distribution to elementary schools and school-age beachgoers, (3) flier describing the new Bay County lighting ordinance for distribution to beachfront property owners in the affected area, and (4) informational sign. Additionally, the local community will be informed of sea turtle issues through a Public Service Announcement to be aired on local television stations.

Results: All tasks have been successfully completed. With the help of Brad Smith a four fold lighting flier was designed and 200 mailed to beach front residence. The lighting flier was developed with the input of Lorna Patrick (USFWS), Kennard Watson (RMA Turtle Watch), Sandy MacPherson (USFWS), Brad Smith (FWCC) and Nancy Evou (NMFS). The flier states the disorientation problems that lights cause on nesting turtles and hatchlings and how to correct the problems. It was printed through Creative Printing in Panama City. For the table tents and door hangers 11 hotels and condos were selected. The selection was based on where the most nests had been laid on Panama City Beach. Table tents were also distributed to 13 beach restaurants.

The educational signs, that were framed and painted with the help of the students at Panama City Marine Institute, were installed at 39 city and county public accesses, 6 at Sunnyside Beach, 4 at Bid-A-Wee Beach, and 1 at the city pier. All the educational materials were distributed with the help of turtle watch volunteers. The activity books have been distributed to children at the Junior Museum, Anchorage Children's home, and individual children interested in sea turtles. Home owners and managers of above establishments were welcoming and supportive of our cause. From June 28, 2004 to July 19, 2004 the public announcement Sea Turtles Dig the Dark was aired on a local ABC channel. From June 14, 2004 to August 9, 2004 it aired on a local NBC channel. The video was adopted from the USFWS and dubbed over with Panama City Beach local Turtle watch information including the website and phone number that people can call for more information on lighting issues. (Author: N. Evou)

View the poster presented at the 25th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium in Savannah, Ga, 2005:
Promotion Of Sea Turtle Conservation In Bay County, Fl Through Production And Distribution Of Educational Materials And Television Announcements