Announcement for 2019 Sea Turtle Grants Committee Meeting

The 2019 meeting of the Sea Turtle Grants Committee will take place Friday, March 22, starting at 9:30 AM at the Prairie Creek Lodge, Gainesville, Florida.

Register for Funding to Support Ongoing Florida Marine Turtle Permit Activities

Each year up to ten organizations or institutions will be randomly selected to receive a $1,000 Mini-Grant to support their ongoing Florida Marine Turtle Permit-related Activities. Current Florida MTP Holders must register by 5pm on Friday, March 23 to be considered for the 2019 - 2020 funding cycle. Mini-Grant Registration Form

Information for Current Grant Recipients

If you were awarded a STGP Grant, you can find Report Forms and how to Acknowledge the STGP Funding in the "For Grant Recipients" section of this website. Read more...

About the Sea Turtle License Plate

Funded by a portion of revenues from Florida's Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate, the Sea Turtle Grants Program distributes funds each year to support sea turtle research, conservation and education programs that benefit Florida sea turtles.

Thanks to the efforts of the non-profit Sea Turtle Conservancy and other Florida sea turtle groups, in 1997, the Florida Legislature (Statute 320.08058 (19)) authorized the creation of a Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate to promote the conservation and protection of Florida's sea turtles through providing a permanent funding source for the state's Marine Turtle Protection Program. Learn more about the Sea Turtle License Plate.

Current Grant Recipients